2" IMS Patrol GU & GQ Pack

    Part Number: KIMS45-601145K

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Dobinsons Internal Floating Piston Monotube Shock Absorbers (IMS) provide significant advantages over OEM twin tube shock absorbers, most notably in the working Piston.

Whilst OEM pistons are typically between 25 and 30mm, the Dobinsons IMS piston for the Nissan Patrol are 60mm. This larger IMS piston results in around 4 times the amount of working area than the OEM piston which greatly reduces the internal operating pressures of the shock absorber, reduces the risk of cavitation, reduces the heat generated and also transfers the heat faster to the exterior of the body for cooling. Tiny orifices in the OEM working pistons restrict flow, increase pressures, increase risk of cavitation and rapid damping increase and reduce the ability to tune the shock absorber.

Dobinsons larger 60mm high flow CNC alloy pistons offer more than 10 times the flow of the OEM piston whilst lowering working pressures, cavitation risk and allowing improved control and damper tuning especially at high shaft speeds seen when pushing your truck offroad.

Enjoy the ride ….


  • Zero shock fade in all terrains with full load
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement for easy fitment
  • Corrosion resistant (EDP Surface Protection)
  • Heavy Duty 3 stage FKM HNBR Sealing System for the ultimate in reliability
  • Race inspired 60mm Hi-Flow CNC 6061 Billet Alloy Piston
  • Enormous oil capacity